Monday, February 7, 2011

Art, Dance and Soul Expressions

Excuses, excuses

Hey out there. I do apologize for not writing a new blog post in FOREVER!

It's the MA thing, it sucks every ounce of writing power I have right out of me and I'm left devoid of any ability to communicate intelligently and intuitively with a public audience. And I'm one of those people who detests multi-tasking. I like to take life one task (one day, one moment) at a time and do that one thing to the best of my ability. However, not having wrote a blog post in four months is downright pathetic and so here it goes...

My Longing for Creative Expression and the Emergence of Wild Woman Within

Beyond being submersed in the world of academia on a day to day basis I have noticed that my body and spirit, though fairly well tended, have been creating quite a ruckus lately, alerting me to their longing to express themselves! Enough of the cognitive stimulation, they cry! Notice us! Love us! Move us and shake us! And I, thankfully, pulled my head out of the books long enough to drop in and listen to their pleas and have since made a movement in my life to express myself creatively in a multitude of forms.

Wild turkey feather earrings
Like what you ask? Well, it started with sitting down with a neighbour and admitting I had a need. A confession of creative horniness that, not surprisingly, she shared with me. And with that recognition of likeness we pledged to get together every Friday night for two hours and nurture that need together. Hence 'Time is Art' night was born and we've been totally committed to following through!  We've done baking, jewelry making, mandalas, painting, pencil crayon drawing and this week we're venturing into FIMO sculpting. I'm thinking of sculpting characters for a children's book that I wrote in college. And I want to make a mask and puppets and learn to silkscreen print. That's what a regular bout of creativity will do for you...your ideas just keep growing, getting broader and more all encompassing. You want to extend yourself and try new mediums because it's absolutely amazing what your spirit wants to say to you. I look at my creations once they're done and can hardly believe that 'I did that'!

And then there's dance class. Yep. You read me right. I'm taking Nia classes right here in Guelph once a week for $9 a class ( and that's a great price, in case you're wondering). Nia is amazing, a combination of moves borrowed from martial arts, Tai Chi, yoga, jazz and modern dance styles. The first time I tried Nia was during a free demonstration with clients at a not-for-profit I worked at during a co-op term and I was completely entranced by the music! It's ultimately what sent me searching for a class close to home. The combined genres of electro-acoustic, reggae, blues, house, downtempo, lounge, ambient and mellow hip-hop create a completely transcendental experience that urges my body into graceful action (well, it feels that way, whether I look graceful may be a whole other story...) I get to feeling feline, you know what I mean? Slinky, powerful, prowling...and I find myself making strange, guttural sounds while I dance in Nia class, like a cat growling. And lots of whooping and yipping escape me, too. Ahhh, hello Wild Woman! I'm so, so glad you could join me! Strange looks from others? Who cares!? Look on! Witness Wild Woman in all her glory and embrace her for yourself! Yes!

The combination of these two things, art and dance, have affected my confidence in a way which I couldn't have foreseen. I'm feeling sexy, people! I'm feeling alive and holistically stimulated! I've begun to learn to ice skate, which I haven't done in years, (so grateful to the community in maintaining the excellent outdoor rink on York St.!) and Brian and I went ROLLERSKATING for the first time together in our ten and a half year relationship! Good times! Oh yeah, things are rolling! Next goal...the Royal City Roller Girls, baby! I know I've got a loooong way to go before I'm skating with the roster, but the point is, I WANT it and I've got this new connection with my body that says I can do it! The coordination is coming...I got the crossovers down. I know it takes commitment, practice and focus. So, as soon as the study semester is over, I'm going for it. Fresh meat, right here, and chomping at the bit!

I'm so glad you dropped in today. I'll try harder to write more consistently, but thanks for being patient with me in meantime. Before I sign off, I leave you with this: What have you fed your soul lately? Go eat up life. Enjoy!