Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dreaming Big

The Question

I'm often asked, "What will you do with an MA in Recreation & Leisure Studies?" It's a fair question, to be sure, but one for which I don't really have the answer.  I'm really enjoying learning about different research methodologies and my thesis study is tremendously exciting to be sure, but I've no idea where this knowledge and experience will take me. Yesterday I was asked a new question, one I hadn't contemplated or been asked in a long time, and it's spurred me into a dialogue with myself that I think is important to capture, as my time as an MA student will eventually draw to a close and I'm up in the air about next steps.

'The question' was:

"What's your dream job?"

Embarrassingly, I didn't know how to respond. I mean, I claim to be the reflective individual, personally and professionally. I'm in my mid-thirties. I journal daily. And I still don't know what I want to do for a living? Didn't I come into my MA with a vision? It was a little unsettling.

My collegues, on the other hand, sounded so sure of what they want and where they're going. It was a bit enviable but, with further consideration, this type of thinking might prove limiting for me. To have firm parameters in place would be to potentially deny myself impromptu opportunities.

I did answer 'the question' after staring at the wall in serious consideration for too long...and I truly can see myself following through and being very happy...but, in further pondering 'the question', I recognize myself primarily as a person who is wide open to the guidance of the Universe and my own keen intuition. The guideposts are always there when I'm seeking direction. See, I'm blessed with the gift of TRUST and not the naive nor the blind sort, but an all-encompassing faith that the Universe is conspiring on my behalf.

I believe in the power of Universal Synchronization.

A Teensy Bit About Universal Synchronization as I Understand It

I am a blossoming natural-time tracker. I mostly reject the Gregorian calendar and, instead, follow a 28-day, 13-moon Mayan calendar. It's almost impossible to fully reject the Gregorian calendar, because it dominates our Western society and I must create appointments and schedules around it to accommodate others; however, on a daily basis I meditate on and jot down my understanding of the galactic signature of the day and what it means to me.

Time is a pretty important construct and calendars help us to organize time. The solar-lunar-galactic 28-day, 13 moon calendar assists me in taking creative control of my time based on energetic frequencies and the cycles of nature. By the way, while a planetary cycle is destined to end on the Winter Solstice of 2012, it doesn't mean the end of our world. The Natural time calendar is "designed to help establish a new foundation to support our transformation into the New World Age that is to dawn in 2013 and beyond" (Skytime Dreamspell, 2011). There's a shift in planetary consciousnesses happening and we're all a part of it, contributing to it every moment, right here in the now.

I won't get into the nitty-gritty details, (not that I understand them fully myself, yet) but recently we've entered a new galactic spin, meaning we've come back to the beginning of the galactic overlay (kin 1) at a heightened level of awareness, like riding a spiral every 260 days. On Lunar 20, Red Magnetic Dragon (Sunday, September 11th, 2011) natural time trackers were asked to Dream Really Big about what we would like to see become manifest in our lives over the next 260 days.

Dreams for Self

So, you see, dreams just keeping coming up. And because I'm paying attention, I thought it would be nice to dream along with you, here, now. So let's get dreaming, shall we?

I associate dreams with passions and when I consider my passions - singing, dancing, drumming, live performances, walking,  animals, gardening, eating, ceremony, reading, writing, creating - I see they build the foundation for some pretty big dreams. So what are my highest dreams?

I dream of walking a long, long distance over new terrain; I dream of recording an album; I dream of becoming a Nia instructor; I dream of having a small hobby farm with horses, a donkey, goats, dogs, and cats; I dream of wandering the streets of lively cities, streets lined with funky shops and tasty eats; I dream of writing a thesis that will transform me, the participants and anyone who reads it; I dream of   ceremony as a social norm; I dream of participating in ceremonies worldwide; I dream of rites of passage for myself and for everyone; I dream of being in a theatre production; I dream of singing on stage; I dream of an all consuming love; I dream of mastering forgiveness; I dream of being an artist working with multiple mediums such as pottery, textiles, natural landscapes, and gems; I dream of living in an earthship; I dream of travelling with friends and family; I dream of a treehouse to write and create in; I dream of a houseboat vacation along the Mediterranean....

But Back to 'The Question' 

Do I pursue my PhD? Scholarship applications for next year are due very, very soon, but at this point the  application process seems daunting, tedious. After the emotional summer I've had, and the catch up work I'm undertaking now, I just don't have the energy to turn my attention to creating a potential dissertation topic. I'm not there. I've got my whole life ahead of me. I can go back to school whenever I feel called to it. It will wait. So what comes next?

Thankfully, I still have a year until I'm finished my MA. However, to be asked 'the question' now is timely, I think. Now is the time to start planting seeds of intention to help the dream job, in combination with the dreams above, to come into fruition. Because, for me, the dream job must be a part of my lifestyle and reflect my personal values. My dream job must feed my passions.

Therefore, my dream job will allow me to be creative and fluid. My dream job will include time outdoors or working directly with nature. My dream job will include ceremony somehow, preferably with others. My dream job will include travel or the time to travel. My dream job will include the arts in some way, preferably as a healing agent and mode of expression. My dream job will assist me in consciously serving the greater good. My dream job will connect me to wondrous others. My dream job will be dynamic and challenging, compelling me to fully engage and gain new, useful and interesting skills. My dream job will bring me joy. And my dream job will bring me abundance.

End Note

Just writing this post has been highly enlightening. I give thanks for this process of actually putting my dreams into words. I, too, give thanks for prayers past and present already manifested, unfolding as I write...'cause I'm living on radial time so I can do that. And so can you.

I know I certainly appreciate being asked 'the question', so I'll pose these questions to you:
"What are your passions?" and
"What are your highest dreams for yourself? For the collective? For the planet?"

Remember, Dream Really Big!

Thanks for stopping in today. Have a good one.