Saturday, January 7, 2012

Liminal Gift

My dream:

It is a dark, winter night and I am driving a car along a back country road and there is a child in the passenger seat and an adult man and woman in the backseat. Directly ahead and to the right of us an immense, black, and boiling storm is roaring towards the West. We are headed right for it. I realize I have a choice, I can drive into it or I can stop. I choose to stop. The storm passes right before our eyes. It's coal black, wreathing and alive. Simultaneously, out of the house we've parked beside comes a family of four and they go about their business as though nothing is happening. Those of us in the car are astounded, don't they see the chaos that swirls directly in front of them?

I won't go into the actual analysis, but here's my interpretation:

I am finally in the drivers seat, capable and ready of leading an independent life, responsible and confident of it's direction. My passengers are synthesis and creativity and they are coming along for the ride, bearing witness to my unconscious fears and doubts. And they are my precious tools, too, in expressing the components of my true nature. My true nature consisting of: sensation, feeling, thought and intuition, which have presented themselves to me and, despite the storm of my unconscious, are calm and stable, ready to support me on my journey. The combination of all these gifts, I believe, is what will carry me through the exploration of my unconscious (huge and looming, for now, but on the move, rolling, never static) throughout my MA study and my continuous healing journey. There's no doubt that I'll have to morph into the role of storm-chaser, but in order to do so, I must start by stopping. 

I give great thanks to the liminal realm and it's power to speak to me through powerful symbols that guide me through that which is hidden within. In this dream I find that I'm ready to start moving forward. There's no doubt I've been on a tumultuous emotional journey, and I've accumulated a myriad of emotions and fears that are in no hurry to dissipate, but I don't have to go charging into my unconscious in order to reveal them. And I'm not one to ignore what's so poignantly revealed itself to me.  I'm allowed to collect myself, acknowledge that those fears and emotions are there, and then enter my unconscious slowly, with awareness, with support, in a gentle and loving way.